To get the maximum performance from your vaping devices, you need to use high quality vape accessories.

Making sure your e-cig battery is charged properly and is protected from bumps and scrapes not only helps to ensure you get an optimized vaping experience, but it also prolongs the life of your vaping kit.

We supply a range of vape batteries and battery chargers that you can use to replace your current battery and thus allowing you to continue to use your cartomizers, other vape accessories and e-liquids.

280 mah vape pen battery

808D Thread Battery

• Rechargeable, fast charge
• Warning when inhale over 12 seconds
• 50 puffs blinking indication
• 50 puffs vibrating indication
• 210/280 mAh optional

510 thread battery

510 Thread Battery

• Rechargeable, fast charge
• LED light indicator when vaping
• Over-vaping protection
• Over and low voltage protection
• 180/280 mAh optional