SmokMate’s vape supplies are great if you are new to the world of vaping or are looking to upgrade or replace your existing set up. There are a range of equipment for each product offering you various options on kit components and prices.

Our vaping equipment contain everything you need to start using your new electronic cigarette or vaping mod, ensure that you do not encounter any compatibility issues and that you get maximum performance.

There are 3 types of our kits: Cartomizer Kits, Tank Kits and CBD Kits:

Cartomizer Kits

Cartomizer kits are perfect for those who are completely new to vaping because they are really easy to use, clean and effective.

Pod Kits

Pod kits are fantastic for people looking to progress from cartomizers or who are looking for a vaping option that is more flexible and delivers more flavorsome clouds of vapor. With a pod kit you will be able to explore our fabulous range of e-liquids to your hearts content.

CBD Kits

CBD kits are optimal choice for people who are looking for a vaping option for CBD oils. With ceramic coils, these kits will ensure to provide you the ultimate vaping experience for CBD oils.

cbd vape pen

CBD Vape Pen

• Ceramic Coil
• 0.5ml/1.0ml tank capacity
• 310mAh built-in battery
• Over-vaping protection
• Low voltage protection

Disposable pod system device ecig

Disposable Vape Pod

• Cotton Coil
• 1.2ml tank capacity
• 240mAh built-in battery
• Pure taste, Huge vapor
• Mini size

pod system vape pen

Rechargeable Vape Pod

• Ceramic coil, ensures pure taste
• Preheat function to preheat liquids
• Vibration function when vaping 50 puffs
• Micro USB charging
• LED light indicates battery level

disposable vape pen DS01

E-cigarette Starter Kit

• Disposable style
• Up to 500 puffs
• 130mAh built-in battery
• Cartridge empty or prefilled optional
• Big vapor and fantastic experience